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1002  Front Axle Caster Adjusting Wrench 48in. Long
1010  Distributor (6 volt coil)
1010-050  Cap with rotor, less wires
1010-052  Spark plug wires (set of 5)
1010-060  Points and condenser
1010-070  Cam rotor w/ set screw
1010-53  Spark Wires (Set of 4) 64 long
1010-66  Bearing, Cam roller, Fan belt
1011  Distributor (12 volt coil)
1012  Distributor (less coil & wires)
1013  Direct Digital Ignition System (DDIS)
1014  Complete 0-60 Speedometer Kit
1015-0-60  0-60 Speedometer Head Only
1015-A  Optional Steering Column Mount 0-80 & 0-120
1015-C  Optional Steering Column Mount for Speedometer
1016  Speedometer Kit
1017  Stewart Speedometer Adapter for #1016
1045  HD Brake drum w/ floating hub (set of 2)
1046  Truss assembly w/ hardware
1048  Rear wheel hub puller kit


1033  Upper Drive Shaft Roller Bearings
1034-50  Standard Pinion cartage - Heavy Duty
1035  X-Y Adjustable Pinion Tapered Roller Bearing
1036-1  Thrust Roller Bearings (single)
1036-2  Thrust Roller Bearings (set of 2)
1037-1  Inner Carrier Bearings (single)
1037-2  Inner Carrier Bearings (set of 2)
1038-1  Type 1 Outer Rear Wheel Bearings (single)
1038-2  Type 1 Outer Rear Wheel Bearings (set of 2)
1050-T1  Type 5 Double Timken Rear Wheel Bearing (ONE bearing) (new)
1050-T2  Type 5 Double Timken Rear Wheel Bearing (set of 2) (new)
1051  Threaded Bearing Insert (right-hand thread)
1052  Threaded Bearing Insert (left-hand thread)

Oiling Systems

1019  Super Duty Outside Hog Eye Oiler Kit
1019-A  Oil Filter System Kit
1022-A  Oil Pan Bolt Kit (set of 18)
1022-T  Counter Sink Tool for Oil Pan Bolt Kit
1060  Oil Pan Stiffing Bracket Kit


1023  Foot Break Equalizer Assembly
1029  Fat Lady Running Board Truss
1039-700-1  Wood wheel "ball bearing" safer floating hub (single)
1039-700-2  Wood wheel "ball bearing" safer floating hub (set of 2)
1040-700-2  Type 3 Floating Rear Hubs - Wire (set of 2)
1046-500  Truss clamping brackets not drilled (set of 2)
1075  Slipping clutch fix kit
1079-050  Wheel Lug Replacement


1039-537  Bolt washer kit
1039-538  Button head bolt kit for one wheel
1039-700  Type 3-W Floating Rear Hubs - Wood (single)
1040-700-1  Type 3 Floating Rear Hubs - Wire (single)
1050-404  404G Sealer Additive for Model T Differentials
1070-44  T-A adaptors (single)
1071  Adaptors to 5-hole Wheels (single)

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