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SKU: 1060
Oil Pan Stiffing Bracket Kit

1060 1909 to 1925 Model T Motors flex up and down (Heavy Warfords and other types of aux. transmissions hanging on rear of ford of the FORD transmission) causing Severe Bending STRESS on the Crankshaft: On the 1926-27 models this problem was solved. This retro fit kit will brace the oil pan engine block and bell housing; Will keep perfect alignment through the center line in all four main bearings; in the same manner as the 26-27 models. A heavy black bracket is attached on each side of engine block at center main location. A 7/16 rod is welded to the Bellhousing bracket with adjusting nuts on each side of the black bracket. The Bellhousing bracket is bolted to upper sides of bell housing. (Requires three holes to be drilled and tapped into Bellhousing on each side) using three alloy steel flat head socket screws. Locating bracket to bellhousing is made easy with a 1 strap and is welded to bracket at 90 degrees and extends to the rear pan arm. It attaches to the pan/ frame bolt bracing rear of engine as in 26-27 models. The bracket is a three point mounting on both sides of Engine.

Oil Pan Stiffing Bracket Kit


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