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1915 Oldsmobile
Model 42




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1915 Oldsmobile Model 42
History and Restoration

This vintage automobile has been restored meticulously in 1990 and kept in storage.  As it stands now, the car can be driven. All mechanical components are the same that were used when the Oldsmobile factory assembled this car. This is an extremely rare specimen of a vintage car. It is rarely offered for sale. The Horseless Carriage Club publication in 2002 listed just four cars and their owners.


The Model 42 marked the company's entry into the smaller and lower priced car market. The 4-cylinder engine, called the Light Four,  incorporated overhead valves and was rated at 30 hp. The starter is a Delco unit, replacing the former compressed air starter.

This car is chassis number 85739 and motor number 72639. Total production for the Model 42-T car is given as 1319.

The car was originally purchased from the Barney Pollard collection in 1982 by the previous owner. The current owner purchased it in 1990 and over a period of five months restored it completely. Sheet metal at the rear of the car had extended rust damage. The mechanical components were in good condition. The overriding goal for the restoration was to preserve the cars mechanical components and the carriage parts as close as feasible to the original. The car was repainted with Imron polyurethane enamel, a finish preferred by restorers. There are few items that have been added to enhance the performance and safety of the vehicle.


The current owner has collected many period documents and kept engineering notes throughout the restoration. The over-riding goal was to preserve as much of the original as was possible. To prevent oil or grease leakage all seals have been replaced with non-leaking types. Other non-original items are: A vintage rear view mirror, replacement of the leather surface in the clutch with Kevlar, a fuel filter, mounted under engine and safety glass for the two part folding windshield.

With large three-quarter elliptical springs, the car handles surprisingly well. The ride is very smooth.


At the rear one notices the single tail light and the fuel tank with a decorative nickel plated cap. The original wire mesh screen is present in the filler pipe.




Each running board (aluminum casting!) has a front and rear  "mud scraper"







 A view of the front bench seat.....





...and the 47" wide rear bench. Both are amply cushioned and  covered with black top grain leather. The original style duplicated faithfully.




Rear Seat foot rest, folds back when not used.




A view of the drivers area shows the imported Circassian walnut steering wheel and dashboard, the nickel plated hand brake and shift levers and the nickel bezel around the original Oldsmobile dash clock, the odometer and air pressure gauge and the Delco Unitized Starter/Generator/Distributor control panel. When the latter is opened one can note the original wiring.



A look at the dash:  Original instrumentation includes the Oldsmobile clock, odometer, oil-flow display, the control panel for the Delco Starter/Generator/Distributor unit, a manual operated pump button to supply initial air pressure to get fuel to the carburetor. The are two locking glove compartments. Under the seat is a set of sealed lead acid batteries which run the starter motor. The original batteries, aged beyond use where replaced with Gates batteries of equal or better performance.


Name plate of windshield manufacturer. The two part windshield glass was replaced with a lightly tinted laminated glass panels. 


The intake side of the engine shows the original horn and carburetor.


Here is the exhaust side of the engine. The Unitized Starter/Generator/Distributor unit was a unique design by Delco.
A compressor was an add-on item that could be obtained from a number of suppliers. This add-on allowed tires to be inflated (up to 60 PSI ) while on the road.


Exhaust manifold and muffler are original and in very good shape.




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