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1915 Oldsmobile
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The John W. Stoltz Company has been in business for 38 years manufacturing and selling specialized Model T Ford parts made from modern components. The company was founded in 1986 quite by accident. John wanted a speedometer for his 1926 Model T coupe. Authentic Model T speedometers were not only hard to come by they were made of pot metal and did not work. John, a research engineer and inventor, made a speedometer out of modern parts. We were on the Tahlimena Tour and other Model T owners saw his speedometer and liked it. So John said he would make some extra ones. Everywhere John went people wanted his speedometer. Business was so good and the speedometer was so popular with everyone that we could not keep it in stock.

An ignition distributor was our second product and it continues to be a best seller. We were the first to make a roller bearing fan hub. Today, in addition to selling speedometers, distributors, and fan hubs, we sell Model T oiling systems and a complete line of bearings.

We sell the very best rear wheel bearing safety hubs in the arena of Model T Ford accessories. The adjustable x-y pinion bearing is phenomenal. It is a known fact that Model T axles can break causing the wheel to fall off. If you want your Model T to run safe and trouble free, then you will want to purchase all of our products.

JWSCO manufactures premium quality parts at affordable prices. They are unconditionally guaranteed and satisfaction is our promise. It is important to note that many of our products do not affect the authenticity of your Model T. Several Model Ts that have participated in the Great American Race have successfully used our products.

Demand for our premium quality Model T Ford accessories is high. They are sold throughout the United States and all over the world from Canada to South America to Europe. Our products may be purchased directly from us or from any one of our six distributors. Our distributors include Snyder's, Mac's, Bob's, Birdhaven, Smith & Jones, and Lang's.

Look for our ads in the Vintage Ford and Model T Times. We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you on antique car tours.

For you Oldsmobile lovers please see the
1915 Oldsmobile Model 42




Postal Address
4625 Old Agnes Road
Weatherford TX, 76088-8118
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